he’s my favorite and you can’t convince me otherwise (x)

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book covers reimagined: a great and terrible beauty by libba bray

part of the gemma doyle trilogy read along

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YA Author Directory


We’ve just updated our list of YA authors on Tumblr!

If you’re an author who would like to be added, send us an email at yahighway at gmail dot com. And if you spot someone we left out, send us a note or an ask or a tweet or whatever other mode of communication floats your boat.

Except for phone calls. Never phone calls. *shudder*

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this list — if you want to be listed, let us know! And if you just want to follow some individual Highwayers, here we are:

Sumayyah Daud
Debra Driza
Sarah Enni
First Draft with Sarah Enni podcast
Kristin Halbrook
Kate Hart
Kirsten Hubbard
Stephanie Kuehn
Amy Lukavics
Kristin Otts
Kaitlin Ward

former or on hiatus members:

Kody Keplinger
Phoebe North
Veronica Roth
Michelle Schusterman

Stephanie Kuehn and the ladies of YA Highway share their stories of that YA book staple: first cars.

Hispanic Heritage Month First Book Tweet Chat



When: September 22, 2014 at 2:30p EST

What:  An hour-long conversation for partners and friends of First Book to share the activities they’ve planned to honor and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Join the conversation by using the hashtag #CelebrateHHM!

Who: Hosted by First Book

We invite all friends of First Book - corporate partners, nonprofit partners, educators, program developers, and anyone who follows us on social media!

We’ll discuss:

Q1) What are you as an individual or as an organization doing to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Q2) Why do you think Hispanic Heritage Month and activities to celebrate Hispanic American and Latinos are important for young Latinos? Non-Latino kids?

Q3) Can you share any resources you use to source ideas for books and activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage?

Q4) What do you or your organization plan to do outside of Hispanic Heritage Month to continue to celebrate the contributions, heritage and culture of Hispanic Americans and Latinos?


Anonymous asked: the mexican actor diego luna has such a sirius black aesthetic going on tbh


oh. ayy. ayyyyyyyyyyyy





my life changed forever when i found out the word “slang” was actually slang for “shortened language”


so slang is slang for slang


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