who’s driving this bus?

We’re a group of young adult authors from all over the world. Come join us on our global road trip as we read, write, and adore all things YA!

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Please note: Posts do not necessarily represent the opinions of all (or ANY) YA Highway members, nor those of their agents, editors, publishing houses, families, friends, critique partners, pets, or anyone else. We try to share information that might interest YA fans, but reblogs are not endorsements. 


- Who reblogs what?

On your dashboard, you can hover over our icon and see which member did the reblogging. The template on the Tumblr blog itself doesn’t include that information, and we’ll get that fixed one of these days.

Have you read every book you post about?

No. Even with 13 of us, that’s more than we can handle.

Do you support every post you reblog? 

Reblogs =/= endorsement. 

Why didn’t you reblog that one post about that one thing?

Because only a few of us operate the Tumblr, and we’re not online 24/7. 

Can I submit a post? Even if it argues against something you’ve posted?

Sure. You can also submit it to Field Trip Friday, or submit a guest blog proposal

Why didn’t you reblog my submission?

It might be in our queue. Or it may have been offensive, illogical, irrelevant, inappropriate, blatant self-promotion (i.e. “buy my book” links), or just overlooked. If you suspect it’s the latter, and it’s been several weeks, feel free to submit again.

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