This high school in Alabama took their love for DIVERGENT and ran with it. Check out their DIVERGENT-themed yearbook!

More Book Recommendations: THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN and CRESS


I’m on vacation, and I’ve gotten into this really great rhythm of reading all the time and eating and then sometimes reading whileeating, which is trickier but still enjoyable.

These two books are good, good in that way where you feel like you have to tell someone about them or else your brain will actually explode.



This book is for people who like vampire books. This book is also for people who got burned out on vampire books a few years ago and have sworn them off forever. This book is also for people who never liked vampire books all that much in the first place. Basically, if you are a person who likes to read good books, this book is for you, no matter how you feel about vampires or have ever felt about vampires in the past.

Personally, if I had a “ship” for this book, it was Tana and Humanity (you know, as opposed to Vampirism). Yes, I had my heart set on Tanamanity in a pretty intense way, because in a world where so many people are voluntarily trading in life for their idealized notions of eternal death, all Tana, who has a more realistic understanding of that “eternal death”, wants is to stay human…BUT not at the expense of the people she cares about, which is why that fight keeps getting harder and harder for her. And Tana is a great character, imperfect and interesting and someone I passionately rooted for all the way through. This book doesn’t romanticize vampirism or have you rooting for it for Tana OR even villainize all those who choose it for themselves (because: nuance!). It’s also written beautifully, with a really rich setting and complex characters, and basically, I can’t do it justice, so you just have to read it, okay? Great.

Here, a quote:

“‘Haven’t you ever thought about it—being a vampire?’

It would be good-bye, Pearl; good-bye, Pauline; good-bye, dream of Los Angeles and palm trees and bright blue ocean. Good-bye, lying on a towel in the backyard under the summer sun, ants crawling across her foot, slippery cocoa butter gleaming on her skin. Good-bye, beating heart and burgers and having blue-gray eyes.

Kill Aidan or die herself. Die and rise.”

(155 in the e-book)


If you haven’t started this series, I recommend it, and basically all you need to know is: fairytale retellings…in the future! With cyborgs, and spaceships, and aliens! And substantially fewer “damsels in distress” than you might be anticipating when I say the word “fairytale.” In fact, generally the damsels are rescuing other people, or themselves.

I don’t want to say much, because this is the third book in what should be a four-parter, but each subsequent book in the series incorporates the characters that came before and new ones, and their stories continue to grow and intertwine in very interesting ways. Can’t wait for the next one (which is called Winter, out in 2015).

And now, to read more things!



need for divergent muppets



need for divergent muppets



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These are the Entertainment Weekly scans from this week’s issue featuring If I Stay’s first movie still. 

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Ansel Elgort and Veronica Roth at the Minneapolis ‘Divergent’ premiere (March 5, 2014).

As the photos probably indicate, we had a great time. (P.S. Minnesotans I almost made a comment about hotdish at the screening but I forgot! Missed opportunity.)

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Happy Women’s History Month: Here are some great YA reads about strong feisty female characters!

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Initiates waiting for the divergentmovie Chicago screening red carpet to begin on March 4, 2014.

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